Indonesian Antique Keris Nagasasra Sabuk Inten

Keris Nagasasra Sabuk Inten is an ancient Yogyakarta keris with 13 LUK and DHAPUR nogososro, it is a Tangguh Mataram with pamor SINARASAH MAS, the warongko use Timoho wood and the model is GAYAMAN NGAYOGYAKARTA HADININGRAT. The history itself is rather bizzare. It is my father’s heirloom and he got it with some ritual helped by his friend.
The story is when my father went to Parangtritis with his friends and when they got home, my father realized that there were a small stripe snake in the saddle of his motorcycle. With the help of his friend, my father knew that it wasn’t an ordinary snake but it is a dragon that want to protected my father. With a ritual, the snake formed into a keris with 13 LUK and gold dragon carving. But there were still one missing in the keris. His friend told him that there must be a diamond like stone in the mouth of the dragon so he made a ritual once again to pulled the stone. When he prayed suddenly there was a black cat jumped in front of him and looked at him for 1 minute then the cat jumped and ran away. When the cat jumped, the cat dropped something and my father’s friend checked it and it was a diamond like stone which is missing from the mouth of the keris’s dragon.

Maybe you didn’t trust my story but I swear to God it is true because I watched it with my eyes. Here is the pictures of the keris:

My father’s friend told him that the use of the keris is not for a weapon. It is a weapon in symbolic meaning and spiritual mean. In Java it called “sipat kandel”. It use to protect the owner from a bad things from bad people to evil curse. And he said it can make the owner braver and for prestige value.

Thank you for your interest in this Keris Nagasasra Sabuk Inten, actually there were a lot of people who contacted me to asked about this keris, then I made a deal with a collector from France, he wanted to buy my keris but then something strange happened, my keris suddenly disappeared from my father’s locker. Then I have to broke the deal. I just want to say sorry to the collector, I didn’t expect this could happen to my keris.


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